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What does it mean to have your Internet in Mint Condition?


Michael Speglic • Published Tuesday, 20th April 2021

Mint Condition internet to us is a consistent, fast and reliable internet service. We all rely on the internet so much that when it drops out or simply doesn’t work, our world stops.

Sad, but true.

The Internet is crucial these days in not only running a profitable business but also running a family. The Internet is now ingrained into our lives and we use it to shop, to communicate and for entertainment. And as we all know, technology is not perfect. It sometimes has a mind of its own and it can be inconsistent and even break.
Internet dropping off is one common fault which is caused by a number of issues and is a major point of frustration. 

That is why we created MINT MONITOR.

A program we developed which checks your internet’s performance every day and flags internet drop-offs before you do. Meaning you’re back on track faster!​​​​​​
Here’s how Mint Monitor works:

STEP 1 – We monitor 
Every morning we monitor and analyse every customer’s internet performance for drops.

STEP 2 – We flag
If our Monitoring does pick up internet drop-offs we email you.

STEP 3 – We help fix 
We send you a number of reasons why the drop-off is occurring and the first steps to review to resolve the issue OR to update us with so that we can start a fault process with NBN for you.
Internet drop off is caused by a number of reasons…typically these are:

  • A fault on the NBN Network
  • A fault within your premise
  • Low quality wifi within your home or business

Sometimes it's as simple as rebooting your modem to get a fresh connection.  Other times we have to engage NBN to send a technician to review your NBN connection. Either way, the point is we flag it fast and we start the process to fix fast.
Why did we create MINT MONITOR?

Our mission is to provide the best possible service for every one of our customers every day.
And Mint Monitor is about us getting on the front foot, putting our customers' needs first so you can get on with your job. It’s as simple as that.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews...

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