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Moving house or business? Three things to do to make sure your Internet is connected the day you move in.


Michael Speglic • Published Sunday, 12th September 2021

Relocating, moving house, packing, unpacking, getting this sorted, getting that connected… It's a thankless task! But… on the other side, a new chapter begins!

One of the most important but sometimes daunting steps is making sure your internet is connected the day you move in... and in Mint Condition! The process should be simple as long as you take a couple of necessary steps beforehand.

As a guide, here’s three things you need to do before you move in…


Check your new property is ready for NBN and try and do this as early as you can – 30 days from moving in is ideal, giving you plenty of time. Here’s a link to find out if your new property is NBN ready.

If YES – Great, you simply need to make sure the current Internet Plan associated with your new property will be switched off and your new Plan connected. Head to Step 2.

If NO – If NBN is not connected to your new home, contact MINT asap to review options.  


As soon as you know you are moving and you’ve checked NBN status, call or email MINT asap so we can confirm a moving schedule with you.

Same plan? Have a think about your needs. Has it changed since your last home? More rooms, two stories or are you working from home now? Are you consuming more data than you did say twelve months ago? How you want to use your internet, where in your home and on what devices can help you to choose the right plan for you.

Equipment? NBN comes in many types and your new address may be different and require a new modem or router to work.  

In addition, the address may have NBN equipment that needs installing OR you need to make sure it is there as some people think they need to take the NBN owned equipment with them which is not the case. If it is possible to check or find out if any equipment is missing as early as possible, it will save you connection time.


Once we know the type of NBN, your plan and the equipment involved it’s all about timing.  If an installation or new equipment is required we need to schedule this in advance, or if everything is there we can simply turn on same day for you.

We’ll schedule it for you based upon your requirements and the steps involved and then communicate the new service details based upon that schedule so that you have everything ready to be online the day you move in.

So there you have it – three simple steps to take to ensure you have Mint Condition internet the day you move in. 

Best to be prepared and talk to us well in advance, we can then schedule the move and turn off the existing service and activate the new one when required.  We can also advise what you need to check in advance (where possible) to ensure all necessary equipment is there the day you move in.

Our mission is to provide the best possible service for every one of our customers every day. 

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews…

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