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Michael Speglic • Published Tuesday, 26th October 2021

An effective and flexible telephone system will help you convert conversations into sales and sales into loyal customers. 

The ultimate telephone system that meets all of your auto shop’s needs is an absolute necessity to achieve this, plus is a great way to increase effective communication between your staff and your customers which in turn keeps your team happy and morale high. 

For years, Mint Telecom has been supplying effective phone systems for the Auto Repair Industry and knows what it takes to convert conversations into customers. We too are a small business and know how important communication with customers is.

Here’s three Mint Condition aspects to look out for regarding your Workshop’s phone system:

After hours functionality – This component is super-important and often overlooked and underestimated. Your phone system should have the ability to easily have calls transferred to a Voice2email for out of hours. For example, Mint Telecom programs a button to allow you to easily direct calls when you don’t or can't answer.  This is typically after hours or during lunch.

Desk Phones for the Accounts and Office Team – For many Auto Repair businesses, the ‘office’ is the heart of the workshop and the more functionality and flexibility your desktop phones have, the better chance each call will flow how it should. Of course, the ability to accommodate headsets is always handy.

Cordless unit for the workshop – For some a simple and obvious solution, but you would be surprised with how many businesses don’t have a cordless handset. The cordless unit allows you to take or transfer calls out in the workshop and also carry it around with you. 

Loud ringer in the workshop – This may not suit every business but if the Office is on a  call and a second call comes through, a loud ringer in the workshop is a good backup and helps.

If your current phone system isn’t keeping up with your business, is frustrating your team and/or doesn’t have the functionality we mentioned above, Mint Telecom can help.

There’s obviously hundreds of other Telco providers in the market but here are just some of the reasons why you should consider Mint Telecom:

When you have a problem, we are easy to reach
Let’s face it, anything to do with technology means there’s always the chance of an error. That’s why it’s super-important to be with a Telco you can contact easily when you need to via chat / email  / call and they then take action to fix – no matter how big or small the issue. If you are in the ‘my Telco is hard-to-reach’ camp, you don’t need to put up with that. Check out our reviews…

When you do reach us, we won’t put you onto someone else and it ends up being a merry-go-around!
When you do get to communicate with your Telco, the last thing you want to be told is, ‘you need to talk to another department, please hold.’ Sigh. Really? Again, you don’t need to go through this. There are several reasons why you could be having internet problems and it's a matter of elimination then solution.  Sometimes this takes five minutes, other times a little longer.  If you are having issues and you need to get back up and running ASAP, then being buck-passed onto someone else is definitely not ideal or necessary. This doesn’t happen at Mint Telecom – the person who answers your enquiry.... is the person who will find the solution.

Does your Telco under-deliver what they promise?
Ever signed up to someone or something and then they disappear or under deliver? You will find that with a lot of larger Telco’s - they have very slick sales machines but no substance in the customer care department where it really counts. You need to find a Telco that closes the loop – delivers what they promise the moment you sign up, like us!

Is your Internet dropping out?
This is a common occurrence and to be fair, 9 out of 10 times it's not always the Telco’s fault but that doesn’t mean the telco should not take on the accountability and help provide a solution. Ideally you need a Telco who can pick up these faults before you do.  Sadly we are conditioned to accept the fact we need to make the Telco aware of our problems but this is not so.  Here at Mint Telecom, we have our own custom product that does just that.  Mint Monitor picks up drops of your internet before you do, notifies you of the problem and then we kick into gear and find a solution.  How good is that?

If you find you are on the wrong side of this checklist, please give Mint Telecom a call, email or chat.

Our mission is to provide the best possible service for every one of our customers every day. And Mint Monitor is about us getting on the front foot, putting our customers' needs first so you can get on with your job.  It’s as simple as that.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews…
If you want to get your internet in Mint Condition, please get in touch with our team.

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