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Cooper Automotive – a Tasmanian Success Story


Michael Speglic • Published Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Cooper Automotive is celebrating 25 years in business this year which is no mean feat. From humble beginnings out of the garage of a service station in Howrah to today where they have 9 Service Centres and employ over 45 Tasmanians. Cooper Automotive is a Tasmanian success story and Mint Telecom are proud to supply them with their telco needs.

Our relationship with Mark Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Automotive started 4 years ago.

Cooper Automotive’s telco needs were very clear and specific: With 11 stores in the South and North of the state including a head office, they needed to simplify their communication systems not only for staff between each location, but for customers also. They also required all the standard features such as on-hold messages and after hours recordings.

We recently spoke to Mark to touch base and he shared some valuable insights for other Tasmanian SMEs.

‘Our previous Telco had bad customer service. We had unresolved issues that were never fixed. They never took responsibility and every time we called them we would speak to someone new. It wasn’t good.’

We asked Mark what he did next. ‘We switched! After initial discussions, Mint were great to talk to and provided us with answers to our solutions.”

“The solution from Mint was a hybrid system – they provided us with an analogue and digital system, recycling some of our existing systems with new – it was a very seamless process and great outcome for us. We couldn’t imagine any other telco doing that.”

As for advice to other Tasmanian SME’s who may be experiencing difficulties with their current Telco and are considering a switch:

“Wouldn’t hesitate. They have saved us a fair bit of money on our phone bills. Think the biggest problem with SME’s is they are gun-shy on telcos and don’t understand the service levels (on Mint Telecom) are a cut-above.” Mark said.

“You just need to push the button and sometimes it's actually worth paying to get out of the contract, we copped a bit on the chin but that got us the solution we were after.”

Cooper Automotive is a great Tasmanian business and one we’re proud to partner with. Oh and if you ever need your car repaired or service, even if you have a new car warranty, take it to Cooper Automotive – you’ll never look back! (

If you would like any assistance in determining which is the best option for your business, please don’t hesitate in contacting me at