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Have you ever seen a Pygmy?


Michael Speglic • Published Sunday, 6th December 2020

Nope, we neither. They’re very rare.  Nearly as rare as a Telco who lets you know your internet is underperforming, slow or dropping off before you do.

Here at Mint Telecom, that is exactly what we do. Every day we monitor all our residential and business customer’s internet. If we find a fault or low performing internet, we notify our customers straight away with the possible reasons.



Every morning we monitor and analyse every customer’s internet performance.

If our Monitoring does  pick up internet drop-offs we notify you straight away

We send you a number of reasons why the drop-off is occurring and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. 

Why we created MINT MONITOR?

Our mission is to provide the best possible service for every one of our customers.
The Internet is crucial these days in not only running a profitable business but also running a family. The Internet is now ingrained into our lives and we use it to shop, to communicate and for entertainment. And as we all know, technology is not perfect. It sometimes has a mind of its own and it can be inconsistent and even break.

And our customers benefit!

We find most of our customers who have switched from the big Telcos previously took low performing internet as a ‘part-of-life’ – but 9 of 10 times it's an easy fix. For those who are with the big Telcos, the fear of and dread of trying to contact and then explain the problem, let alone getting them to fix it, is a nightmare. This  causes many people to simply give up and accept it.

Doesn't have to and shouldn't be like this. Here’s what one of our customers said about Mint Monitor…

"Thank you so much for being proactive and organizing the technician. We were so used to drop outs and dealing with Telstra that we didn’t even think to contact you and deal with it ourselves. It’s such a pleasant change to deal with a company that actually cares about the customer."
Kind regards,

Internet dropping off is one common fault which is caused by a number of issues and is a major point of frustration. This is why we have created MINT MONITOR.

If you  think your internet is underperforming or dropping off, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.