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5 Reasons to Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Telco in a COVID-19 World


Michael Speglic • Published Sunday, 27th September 2020

Like it or not, the world has changed for so many, and so has the way we work. That’s why it's more important than ever that your Telco provider must and should meet your business needs and be available when you need them.

If you are not getting the service or product delivery you are paying for, now is the time to switch.

Many businesses that we deal with think they are locked in or ‘trapped’ by their current contract but we can tell from experience, there is always a way out. Yes, sometimes there is an exit fee but more often than not, the long term benefits of a telco solution that meets the exact needs of your business far outways the ‘exit punishment’.
If that is still not convincing enough to switch to a Telco that will benefit your business from day 1, here’s five more reasons...

We know some of the biggest Telcos in the country are forcing their customers to download apps as a replacement for talking to humans and when they do eventually call them, they are not left hanging for minutes, but for hours! Not here at Mint Telecom. Nothing beats talking to a local business expert who is always on standby and wants to help and get your business back on track as fast as possible.

When your business phones or internet have issues, you need to get it sorted ASAP right? After all, its business and lost time is lost money. That’s another reason why you need to be with a Telco that prides itself on effective and efficient customer support. Mint Telecom prides itself  on being World-class which is why we won Product Reviews 2020 Internet Service Provider Award for 2020. Have a read here:

New circumstances mean businesses need to be flexible, understanding and streamlined. For our business customers who had employees working from home, it was a simple task – unplug the work phone and plug in at home. Job done. We build systems that are flexible and tailored to specific business needs so situations like this are seamless.

If you’re dealing with a Telco who doesn’t care, or is not invested in making sure your business runs as efficiently as possible, then what’s the point? We love what we do and we care, but don't take our word for it…
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Great customer service and delivery! Fantastic level of customer service, way ahead of most other Internet providers. The team is extremely professional, friendly and helpful. The turnaround time to get the internet up and running was outstanding! I was quoted a potential time period of 20-25 days from another ISP, Mint had me up and running in less than 24 hours!” Rohan
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Professional, accessible and efficient service provision. We originally signed up with Telstra but with no progress after a week a quick phone call to Mint Tel had us up and running that same day. The connection is coping well with 2 kids and 2 adults working and schooling from home, with no drop outs or issues to date. Highly recommend anyone considering a new internet provider to give Mint Telco a go!” Kate
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Great customer service. Mint provides responsive customer service via Facebook messenger even outside of office hours and at the weekend. My connection so far is fast and reliable. I highly recommend their NBN 25 standard package.” Vanessa

Your business is unique no matter how big or small and that’s why having a local Telco who understands you, has your telecommunication needs set  up and running allows you to focus on what's important. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our business customers. We take the time to learn the requirements then design the most efficient and affordable system possible. We’ve done it over and over again with all our customers.

If you would like any assistance in determining which is the best option for your business, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at