The nbnTM network is Australia's new landline phone and internet network. It's designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live. nbn co limited (nbn) is a government business entity, the team behind the nbnTM network rollout.

They are responsible for providing wholesale services to companies like Mint who offer nbn plans for homes and businesses. Connecting to the NBN network provides a far more reliable internet experience than using the out-dated copper network. There is much more flexibility and opportunity with various speed tiers available to cater for differing end user requirements as well as being able to facilitate a much better experience for families, flatmates and office workers sharing multiple devices online at the same time.

If you are able to get NBN then there is no reason to not upgrade immediately. Just give us a call or jump on the online chat and we can talk you through the process to move as its really quite simple and we manage the end to end process for you with NBN Co.