I’ve signed up, how long until I get my first bill?

Fantastic! Sit back and relax, we’ve got it under control. First thing we’ll do is send you a welcome pack confirming all the details of the plan you have selected. Once the cooling off period completes (10 business days) we’ll then connect your services and send your first bill out as soon as the billing cycle completes (billing cycle is calendar month, with bills issued early in each new month).

Why is my first bill more than the package plan I signed up to?

All our package plan fees are billed monthly in advance. That means your first bill will have a pro-rata component of charges that relate to the period from when you signed up to the end of the current billing cycle PLUS the next months package plan fee in advance

When is my bill due?

Our payment terms are 14 days from when we generate your invoice. Because we have to wait for our carriers to provide all our call records the date we generate your invoice may vary to a small degree, typically we will get it issued early in the month with a typical due date of around the 18th of the month – check your invoice when it arrives though and if in doubt just give us a call to confirm.

Can I pay via direct debit?

You sure can! This is the easiest way to pay and ensure you avoid paying any extra and unnecessary fees on your account. Just give us a call and we’ll set you up for either credit card or bank account and you never have to worry as we’ll always send you an SMS reminder in advance that we will be actioning the direct debit.

Are there any account termination fees?

We’re trying to keep things simple. That means that as long as you stay with us for 6 months there are no fees to cancel, we want you to stay for our service and pricing, not because we have a cancellation fee holding you back! If for some reason you do decide to cancel within 6 months of signing up with us, there is a flat $99 per service cancellation fee – we have costs to cover after all.

Which networks does Mint Telecom use?

You can have peace of mind that we are using the best networks in the country with our fixed line and adsl solutions delivered over the telstra network and our fibre solutions over the nbn network.